Artist turned Caricature/Mural Artist turned Signwriter... then came fancy modern computers...


With the vinyl plotter and an Apple Performa working in my old man's garage but a distant memory, we now find ourselves with a decent wee set-up offering a full range of signs and graphic services and many many years of experience!

Our purpose built premises may look like it has been hit by a hurricane when you drop in but look beyond the mars bar wrappers and discarded packaging on the floor... it is a workshop not a showroom after all!

The website is nice and tidy though.




Someone probably asked me when I was a boy, "What do you want to be when you grow up?"

I certainly never replied, "Run one of the country's top sign manufacturing companies officer."

It was most probably, "Footballer or Artist, mum."



Sketch me your thoughts and I will work my magic... it is that slogan-like ethos that elevated me through the ranks, starting at junior design bloke and ending the long journey today as the Chief.

These are not just self appointed titles... to be a Chief you have to act like a Chief...think like a chief. I do a lot of thinking. I am the Chief.



Someone once told me, "Good signs sell themselves"... Bullshit, I sell good signs. In fact some of them are even better than good.

If they actually sold themselves how do you think that would work? I often ask our  Chief Designer about this as he does a lot of thinking and even he cannot come up with a reasonable answer to that one;

he mutters something about a dream he had featuring talking signs

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